Medical plants

... to use with the AroMed vaporizer.

Important hints and qeneral remarks

Vaporizing with the AroMed vaporizer is economical: use only about 1/3 of the normal dose for teas or tinctures. Unlike fumigation and smoking the effects occur with a short delay, because principally with vaporizing there will be no experience with slight poisoning (e.g. by carbon-monoxides and-dioxides). After about two minutes you will still experience a better effect than ever! We advise adequate drinking while administering (preferably water)!

Any other administering than the ones described here is out of our responsibility! Do not vaporize nor inhale substances unknown to you without advice of your non medical practioner, doctor, or pharmacist!

Plants A-Z

Table 1 - Medical plants to use with AroMed vaporizer.
Name of herbal drug Phytopharmaceutical name
Ashwaganda-root withania somnifera radix
Basil basilici herba
Camomile flowers matricariae flos
Cloves caryophylli flos
Damiana herb turnera diffusae herba
Dream herb caleae zacatechichii herba
Elecampane root inulae hellenii rhizoma
Eucalyptus leaves eucalypti folium
Ginkgo leaves ginkgo folium
Guarana guarana herba/pasta guarana
Harmala seeds peganum harmalae semen
Hawthorn flowers crataegus monogynae flos
Hemp blossoms cannabis herba
Hops glands lupuli strobuli
Juniper berries juniperi fructus
Lavender blossoms lavendulae flos
Lemon balm leaves melissae folium
Lime tree blossoms tiliae flos
Lobelia herb lobeliae inflatae herba
Mate tea leaves ilex paraguinense folium
Monk’s basil herb ocimum sancti herba
Parsley fruits petroselini fructus
Peppermint leaves menthae piperitae folium
Purple coneflower root echinacea angustifoliae radix
Purple sage blossoms salvia sclareae flos
Quebracho bark cortex quebracho blanco
Rauwolfia root rauwolfiae radix
Rosemary leaves rosmarini folium
Sage leaves salviae folium
St. John’s wort hyperici herba
Sweet vernal grass anthoxanti odorati herba
Tea leaves thea nigra folium
Thyme thymi herba
Valerian root valerianae radix
Vanilla grass hierochloe odoratae herba
Verbena verbenae herba
White sagebrush artemisia mexicanae herba
Wild lettuce leaves lactucae virosae folium
Wild rosemary herb ledum palustris herba
Willow bark salicis cortex
Yarrow blossoms millefolii flos

Symptoms A-Z

Table 2 - Symptoms and plants.
Symptoms Useful plants
gastro-intestinal complaints Camomile, Cloves, Eucalyptus, Hemp, Lemon balm, Lobelia, Parsley, Peppermint, Purple coneflower, Purple sage, Sage, Thyme, Vanilla grass, White sagebrush, Wild lettuce, Wild rosemary, Willow, Yarrow
coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations Basil, Camomile,Cloves, Elecampane , Eucalyptus, Ginkgo, Lavender, Lime tree, Lobelia, Mate tea, Monk’s basil, Parsley, Peppermint, Purple coneflower, Purple sage, Quebracho, Sage, Sweet vernal grass, Thyme, Vanilla grass, White sagebrush, Wild lettuce, Wild rosemary, Willow, Yarrow
kidney- and bladder complaints Ashwaganda, Damiana, Dream herb, Ginkgo, Hemp, Juniper, Parsley, Purple coneflower, Verbena, White sagebrush, Wild lettuce
insomnia Ashwaganda, Damiana, Dream herb, Ginkgo, Harmala, Hemp, Hops, Lavender, Lemon balm, Purple coneflower, Purple sage, Rauwolfia, St. John’s wort, Valerian, White sagebrush, Wild lettuce
circulatory problems Ginkgo
menstrual pains Ashwaganda, Camomile, Damiana, Ginkgo, Harmala, Hemp, Lavender, Lemon balm, Peppermint, Purple coneflower, Purple sage, Rauwolfia, Rosemary, St. John’s wort, Vanilla grass, White sagebrush, Wild rosemary, Willow
cardiac (heart) diseases Ashwaganda, Damiana, Ginkgo,Hawthorn, Lavender , Lime tree, Lobelia, Peppermint, Purple coneflower, Quebracho, Rauwolfia, Rosemary, Thyme, Wild rosemary, White sagebrush
fever Camomile, Purple coneflower, Sage, Willow
lack of energy Guarana, Mate tea, Monk’s basil, Rosemary, Tea