research&experience tries to develop this web-site with newest standards and guidelines accessible to all users with all devices. Please use our Help index for a quick overview.

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We hope we have implemented all guidelines (and a little more) to be WAI Triple-A conform. We use Mozilla and Checky extension for web-site analysis.

W3C WCAG 1.0


Most users browse the web with Microsoft® Internet Explorer as standard Browser. But we know there are tendencies for alternatives. Mozilla, Netscape and Opera have a lot of brand new interesting functions. You can extend Firefox very easy with a lot of useful little extensions for example Web Developer. For Microsoft® Internet Explorer user we highly recommend the Web Accessibility Toolbar.

Change font size

Please contact your Browser help for more information about how to change the font size or this little summary:

  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer (Windows)
    Please choose your font size from menu View, Text size.
  • Mozilla / Firefox (Windows)
    Please choose your font size from menu View , Text zoom.
  • Netscape ab Version 6 (Windows)
    Please choose your font size from menu View , Text size.
  • Opera (Windows)
    Please choose your font size from menu View, Zoom factor.

Change page layout

Please read your Browser Help about how to change Style sheets. For Microsoft® Internet Explorer users we recommend the Web Accessibility Toolbar.

  • A Text only version of this web-site is available after disabling Style sheets in your Browser.
  • A Print version is available through the Print Preview of your Browser. This preview uses a special Style sheet.


Browser supporting CSS2 media elements choose automatically the best Stylesheet for this device.

  • Screen (Standard for computers with color screen)
  • Print (Print preview)
  • Braille, Embossed (Braille-Devices and printers)
  • Handheld (Handhelds with small displays)
  • Aural (Speech devices)
  • All (Good for all devices)

Download Web-Site

Download complete web-site as single ZIP archive. Please read included text file COPYRIGHT.txt.

Function keys

Please use function keys from Table 1 in combination with your Browser specific control key. You can open a list of all available function keys in a separate window.

  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer (Windows)
    Press Alt key and then function key. Then press return.
  • Mozilla / Firefox (Windows)
    Press Alt key and then function key.
  • Netscape ab Version 6 (Windows)
    Press Alt key and then function key.
  • Opera (Windows)
    Activate key modus with Shift and Escape. Then press function key.
Table 1 - Function keys
Area Function key
Content start X
Navigation main areas Y
Navigation common areas Z
Navigation start page 1
AroMed Vaporizer 2
Medical plants 3
About us 4
AroMat 5
Contact 6
Shop 7
Help H
Site map I
Search S
First input field in form V
Submit form W

HTML Link elements

At this time only Lynx, Mozilla and Opera supports this function without extensions. Firefox can be extended by a special extension. With link elements you have a quick access to the main topics of this web-site (Table 2). A web-site round trip is available through next and previous definitions in following order:

  1. Start page
  2. AroMed Vaporizer
  3. Medical plants
  4. About us
  5. AroMat
  6. Contact
  7. Shop
  8. Help
  9. Site map
  10. Search
  11. Imprint
  12. Start page
Table 2 - HTML Link elements
Link Element Web-Präsenz Bereich
Start Start page Start page
Up One level up Start page
Previous Previous area previous area in order
Next Next area next area in order
Content Site map Table of contents
Chapter Main areas and common areas of web-site
Help Help Help
Search Search Search
Authors Authors Authors
Copyright Copyright Copyright
Other versions Other formats

Microsoft® Word Version

Microsoft® Word users please download web-site as Microsoft® Word Version.

Open Office Version

Open Office users please download this web-site as Open Office Text Version.

Page structure and navigation

All pages of this web-site have a 5 area layout. Each area can be passed through a hyperlink in front of each.

Quick Navigation

This navigation is only visible in layouts without Style sheets and for user with assistive technologies like Screen reader. Hyperlinks to Content (function key + X), Main areas (unction key + Y) and Common areas (function key + Z).

Hyperlink to Start page of web-site (function key +1).

Navigation to Main areas of web-site.

Navigation direct to content of page.

Hyperlinks to Common areas of web-site like Help (function key + H), Site map (function key + I), Search (function key + S) and Imprint (without function key).

Pictures and graphics

We describe images and graphics in the alt attribute of the img element in more detail.

Portable Document Format (PDF) Version

We recommend Adobe® Acrobat Reader® 6.0 to take advance of all possibilities of the PDF version of this web-site.


We use W3C® Standards XHTML 1.0 Strict and Cascading Style Sheets level 2.0 to implement this web-site.


Tab order

All elements for web-site navigation and control have a fix tab order.

  1. Jump to content
  2. Jump to navigation Main areas
  3. Jump to navigation Common areas
  4. Navigation to Start page
  5. Skip Main areas
  6. AroMed Vaporizer
  7. Medical plants
  8. About us
  9. AroMat
  10. Contact
  11. Shop
  12. Area-Headline
  13. Hyperlinks in abstract description of area
  14. Skip content
  15. Hyperlinks in content of page
  16. Skip Common areas
  17. Help
  18. Site map
  19. Search
  20. Imprint


We use tables only for tabular data presentation and not for layout. A summary and caption . provide more information about the content of this table.