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Interview with a MS patient

Cannabis Kultur 2003

Michael F. had a little indoor marijuana plantation for his own use to treat his symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis which cannot be suppressed by orthodox methods. He has been found not guilty in trial and appellate court, though Germany has very strict marijuana laws.


Germany’s system of jurisdiction? Smoke it in your pipe! (German phrase for “forget about it”)


?= Since weeks a sweltering heat wave is causing trouble to anyone. Your home town Mannheim is in the hottest area. How do you feel?

!= Like this hot, I can only stay inside. My symptoms grow worse. With this heat I cannot walk any more.

?= What did you think when you first encountered cannabis?

!= “Never again without THC”. Those very positive effects on my symptoms felt like I had been given a new life.

?= How did your life change?

!= I don’t drop things any more, don’t stumble over my feet so often, I can enunciate clearly. This is not to define on single symptoms. In the beginning my MS was harming me so much – I was hemiplegics, could neither talk nor see – I thought I must die. Cannabis alleviates my symptoms to a level that I cannot imagine to live without again.

?= Your therapeutic dosage is three grams per day. What is the best way of administering cannabis for you?

!=Originally smoking – even if it might sound strange, joints or pure. By now I am using an AroMed vaporizer because of the harmful effects of smoking.

?= You put an administering to your health insurance company for Dronabinol refunding. Did you make experiences with this THC medicine? If yes, does it help you the same as does the (much cheaper) naturally grown cannabis?

!= I once bought 20ml of Dronabinol. It is a very good medicine, and still very cheap compared to those 15,000 EURO a year for the orthodox interferon medication. Effects on ataxia and its spasms are as good as those of cannabis. I’m missing, for example, the sedative effects of the plant itself. You can feel agents of the whole plant are missing.

?= How about your daily routine?

!= Get up, shower, breakfast, make music…

?= What if you did not have cannabis?

!= I couldn’t stand my state of health without it!

?= You have been found not guilty, but the state attorneys did appeal. Still there are two more cases on you to be trialled. How does this legal fight affect you?

!= I cannot deal with that matter. I’ve got enough dealing with myself and my MS.*

?= How do you feel about the jurisdiction system here in Germany?

!= You can smoke it in a pipe, only it won’t turn you on but off. The celebrate failure to lend assistance on a grand scale.

?= Your message for our Cannabis Kultur readers?

!= No messages to announce. I just do not want to live on MS’ mercy.


Michael, thank you so much! We wish you all the best!


*His girl friend enables him to do so. She takes care of everything devotedly. At the more she works hard for the ACM…thank you Gabi!