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No more burning for smoking

... an article in Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper August 1997

The motto is “no smoke smoking is possible” now for passengers of regional air carrier “Augsburg Airways”. From now on they are testing the first smoke-free cigarette of the world. Besides Stockholm, Sweden, and Chattanooga, USA, Augsburg is testing ground where tobacco giant Reynolds gives a try on its newest invention.

In Germany, the product is called “HI.Q”. It is priced the same as a normal cigarette, and about as harmful to the smoker himself. The advantage: The producer claims there is 90% less smoke, there is only vapour of water.

This is how it works: The tobacco does not burn and is only heated. At the top charcoal is lit. The hot air dissolves the tobacco aroma. No ashes are produced. After some seven minutes the cigarette stops burning and looks still like before lit.

Yellow fingers, smoked net curtains, and smelly clothes after visiting a bar will belong to the past. (Unfortunately, today in 2004, this invention is not cheaper than a cigarette, and very scarce to get)