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Preface to this article by Oliver Koehler in DE:BUG.13.0798


For a better understanding of this article in a German magazine for electronic music and mind expansion: Oliver Koehler did interview research&experience Frank Fuchs in 1997, when the first vaporizers were marketed under the name of “aromizer”. research&experience started producing their vaporizers in the end of 1996, or better call it manufacturing, as their products are, mainly for quality reasons, still handmade in Germany.

In 1998, a big pharmaceutical company claimed name similarity to one of their products. Though ‘aromizer’ was a protected name by German patent, this company claimed, their product significantly named ‘atomizer’ could be mixed up with the ‘aromizer’. As we did not have the money to sue we gave in, their product meanwhile is named ‘aromizer’. Maybe because this threatening company found that the threatening name ‘atomizer’ was not very good and too significant...

The article as originally printed

Even if aroma therapy smells and sounds very esoteric its potential for healing is greater than only that of a palliative against psychic disharmony. In the recent years clinical medicine found many serious uses for aroma therapy, based on the old vedic art of healing called ayurveda. Practical forms of applications are: chronical bronchial asthma, various other bronchial diseases, menstrual pains, cataract, multiple sclerosis, and not least all kinds of cancer. Till now employment of aromatherapeutic substances was aggravated by the methods formerly used: fumigations and steam baths. Paying respect to disagreeable side effects school medicine renounced to turn their interests to this healing method. With the aromizer now there exists a device that allows a simple and acceptable use for therapists and even laypersons. Handmade in the town of Heidelberg, the aromizer enables a breakthrough in aroma therapy. Modern microchip technology is deliberately used to transpose medicinal necessities. Similar to ancient aroma therapy the device helps to simply inhaling medicinal herbs. The big difference: by only heating the plants instead of burning them when fumigated, no carcinogenic substances are set free and inhaled. The result is a near-to 100% absorption of the plant s active principles. To gain equal results with ayurvedic teas more than a double dose is necessary. The plant material is heated by an unusual heat source: a halogen bulb. Temperature is regulated by a motorola microchip.

In search of the origin one would be at the wrong place it looked within Heidelberg University. The predecessors of this device are to be found in the freak corner. The one who remembers the phenomenously absurde toker s practice of ‘hot knives’ knows what vaporizing is about. Evolution s next step in the principle of just heating smokeable substances focused on a device that acted as a prototype for the aromizer: Eagle Bill’s Vaporizer.

Using a hot-air-paint stripper marijuana (without nicotine) was just heated but not burnt and inhaled without emissions of other vapors. Eagle Bill, a ‘medicine man’ from Chattanooga introduced his vaporizer at an event bound to the 2nd Congress of ECBS (European Council for Studies of Consciousness). His apparatus attracted attention because of the purity of the absorbed substances. The team of inventors called research&experience followed the logical train of thought: "If it is possible to extract the active principles in vaporized form from one plant, why not try to extract them out of any medicinal herb?" This was in January 1996 and the following year development and tests were finished. The difference to aromizer s ‘stepfather’ was the heat source: light emission without fan instead of paint stripper.

A first patent for the black aromizer box is at hand, a limited medicinal permission is given. Swiss chemist Dr.Dr.hc.mult. Albert Hofmann, finder of lysergic diethylamide acid (LSD), has made his own positive statement: "medically precious and clever". Still the aromizer is no industrial product as Frank Fuchs, developer of the project, explains. "The aromizer is not only made in Germany, but handmade in Germany". A big industrial production is not aimed at first as long as application forms are tested.

Chira was involved in a car accident at the age of 17. Medicinal examinations of his broken bones showed an aggressive bone cancer, doctors estimated his lifespan to a maximum of one year. Chira‘s psychologist proposed to medicate him with marijuana against his heavy pains and a chemotherapy waiste syndrom. As he knew a member of the research&experience team he bacame the first test person under medicinal evaluation, which pushed the development to a great extent. "Our aim was to construct a machine that was to be used by a therapist as well as by the patient at home". First prototypes looked like home made third world design. Chira s first vaporizer had a wooden case. The heat control was a simple baking thermometer.

Chira survived another four years. 18 months before his death he adopted thoughts of re-incarnation. Last time I met him was on a park bench one unpleasant chilly winter night. He sat there with a friend and enjoyed the evening. He had found his peace. Shortly after this meeting he was gone for the time being.

Besides such a cure with marijuana, the aromizer is evaluated for many medical applications, such as bronchial diseases like cough irritations, bronchial asthma, and catharr. With sage those symptoms can be suppressed to a great extent. For further information see www. aromed.com [http://www.aromed.com]