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Joint Venture

Fax Mailing List joint venture January 1999

“The aromizer (now AroMed vaporizer) is a device for harmless inhalation of herbs unfortunately still almost unknown. We have made tests with ourselves and can only heartily recommend it. Still it’s a customary, bad habit to smoke herbs which besides of the healing effects implicate unwanted side effects like stench, red eyes, and cough. But the essential oils that are desired vaporize long before the herbs come to their burning temperature of about 240° Celsius. They dissolve in warm air, no smoke, no condensates, and no other dirt. When vaporizing with the aromizer, within some minutes you have an amazing clear and invigorating feeling. People who tend to self-destructing habits might miss the scratching in their throats, difficulties when switching to vaporizing might occur, others find coping is wonderful! You can vaporize with a paint-stripper (Steinel TM, temperature at 4.5) but handling the aromizer is much less stressful. Still it has its price: about 500 DM. Everyone has to find out, how much he esteems the worth of intact lungs ... More information you will find in well assorted head shops or at our Merchandise Partner page.

We are sorry to tell you this fine singer/songwriter duo does not exist any more. Kleinti has left us, too early, too young, too painful! Still their music exists, and Goetz Widmann is holding the flag high, singing songs of her Highness Mary Jane!