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Inhale or eat?

ACM-Magazin 1999

If cannabis is eaten, the THC will be better absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract if eaten with some fat. Fats improve the transportation of fat-soluble cannabinoids the gastro-mucous membranes. Therefore when drinking a tea, some cream should be added, or when baking cookies plenty of butter should be used.

When smoked, the effects are better to dose because they are felt almost instantly. Disadvantage of smoking is irritation and damage of the respiratory passages, similar to smoking tobaccos or herbal cigarettes. Possible consequences are chronic bronchitis and perhaps carcinogenic cell damage. Lower harm for the lungs is given when most high potent marijuana is smoked, preferably in easy-to-clean small metal pipes. Often one to three puffs are enough to gain the desired effects. Besides that, meanwhile there exist devices which allow inhaling vaporized cannabinoids without burning the herbs.