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Interview with research&experience's Frank Fuchs by Werner Pieper

... by Werner Pieper, German editor and author for Mushroom Magazine 10 2003/4

Frank, just tell us how you came to develop the AroMed vaporizer?

The matter was clearly defined after I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Eagle Bill and his Monster Vaporizer in February 1996. This was at one of the legendary HIGH MOON events on occasion of an ECBS congress in Heidelberg.

We did know about cannabis-vaporizing since in the 60s US GIs were coming back from Vietnam to be stationed in Heidelberg, Germany. They gave us the experience of “hot knives” and “shotguns”. In the seventies friends were experimenting with car cigarette-lighters and their heating coils. The real impetus for our own vaporizer research was my dear friend Chira at that time had contracted serious illness. He was emaciated by chemo-therapy and suffered terrible pain. His open-minded psychologist suggested trying marijuana as a helpful treatment. At that time smoking was already quite painful to him, while eating put him into a stupor he did not like at all.

What did you do before?

A great many things: study (life, sinology, bachelor of economics). When the children were smaller I imported string puppets, and then did translations for some publishers. And always I liked handicrafts.

Could you tell us some examples of successful medical treatments with the AroMed vaporizer?

A good one is the story of my friend Chira. With the age of 19 cancers had deprived him of any perspectives of life. His waste-syndrome, rapid weight loss, stopped through self medication with marijuana. He even did gain weight again: from about 40 to 55 kilograms. By administering with our first prototypes he could dose himself quite exact to get the desired effects. Chira is in another world by now; still he did not only live the predicted twelve months but five years more.

Another case was documented in German ARD-TV (Globus, scientific magazine, 2001). The patient is suffering from Morbus Crohn and holds his serious illness under control with just some marijuana draws with the AroMed vaporizer. There are no specific pharmaceutical products against Morbus Crohn, a serious damage of the gastro-intestinal system. The patient s medical doctor says in the interview he is more than sad and angry school medicine does not allow him a treatment with the only soothing medicine, which is THC.

First field research is successfully completed at Santiago de Cuba University, Department of Natural Medicine. This proves that with the AroMed vaporizer, unlikely to other vaporizers, medicinal herbs can be used with very good results. Chronically asthmatic patients get relief from sage and rosemary. It’s faster than aerosol-diffuser treatment with common Salbutamol-agents. None of the side effects like vacillating blood pressure and heart ventricular flutter, as with aerosols, were to be found with AroMed vaporizer treatment.

Which are the most crucial advantages of a vaporizer?

Vaporizing offers completely new possibilities of administering. Some years ago “asthma cigarettes” were sold, and are no more on the European market because of many harmful substances in their smoke. With a good vaporizer, one that provides and holds exact hot-air temperatures, only active substances are inhaled. No harmful by-products enter your lungs. A much more exact dosage is possible, compared to oral taking. And exploitation of the herb’s ingredients is - depending on the type of vaporizer used - higher than eating or smoking.

One medical doctor comments: “inhalative administering reveals similar new dimensions as did the invention of injection.”

On top of that, a good vaporizer is highly economic. When smoked, no more than 40% of the wanted herbal substances get into your blood system, the rest is oxidized. With the AroMed we have an exploitation of more than 90%.

If you, for example, have cold do you use the AroMed, and if yes, what do you use?

If yes?? Pardon me! Sure I do use my vaporizer! There are fine tasting stuffs like bronchial teas with liquorice root or purple sage, and less tasty, but highly potent mixtures with cloves and parsley root. In our AroMed manual, the user finds enough information to his personal liking.

Are there other occasions you use the AroMed? Which herbs do you use?

(laughs) Against my medicinal symptoms willow bark is helpful. It contains the same active principle as Aspirin tm.

How are your future plans?

(deep breath) As a triple grandfather I think of many thrilling things I could and really do. I have some ideas. But the whole AroMed-project has gotten such a wonderful momentum of its own for the good of so many healthy and ill people. So I think that sometimes in the future there will be a new upgraded AroMed.

Is there anything you still want to mention?

A big thank you to 311 that made the AroMed vaporizer such a great success ... and to all the users that helped us with their feedback!

Thanks to our Cuban connection: the medical doctors there. And thanks to our Cuban family, which we introduce with our domain www.morethancuba.de. It‘s Artists like painters (muchissimas gracias, Evelio!), musicians, and sculptors. And kisses to Alina, Anita and ANNE!