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Report about CannaBusiness Trade Fair 2003

By Peter Golembe in Cannabis Kultur

(…) So I set a look for the vaporizers – those are devices which heat up marijuana to temperatures hot enough to boil cannabinoids, but not as hot to burn the plant material.

“Phyto-Inhalation” as done by the AroMed vaporizer involves a true miracle of electronics. In addition the vapours are sent through a water filter before reaching the lungs. AroMed’s Frank Fuchs claims their device has several advantages compared to the other vaporizers: its hot air supply, best materials responsibly chosen, temperature control’s sensitive abilities, and other technical subtleties.

The AroMed vaporizer has been used in most advanced cannabis field research. As well phyto-inhalation is accepted to be refundable by six European health insurance companies. Fuchs is one of the most authentic guys that crossed my way at CannaBusiness. Neither is he greedy for money nor an egomaniac. His eyes were sparkling when he described how his AroMed not only guarantees a real clean cannabis supply but also enables to inhale more than 40 other healing plant’s active agents.