AroMed Vaporizer

... the new AroMed 4.0 Vaporizer.

The principle

... active vapor for your health and wellness.

  • The AroMed is a very precise hot-air vaporizer. The active substances of any given plant can be inhaled.
  • The active vapour is free of harmful substances. This is made sure by a hot air source of undeniable purity and an additional water filter.
  • The hot air is provided by an energy saving ultraviolet-free halogen light bulb that is controlled by a precise microprocessor.
  • Fresh or dried plant material, tinctures, or essential oils are all the same applicable with the AroMed.
  • The hot air source is placed above the plant material. Therefore only during inhalation active substances are set free. The AroMed can be filled with more than one dosage, and inhalation is possible to the user’s liking without in-between switch-offs.
  • More than 90% of the active substances are to be inhaled.

AroMed 1AroMed 2

The principle has proven excellency since more than 8 years!


... pure nature, soft and effective results.

Phyto-inhalation is the term used by our scientific consultants.

In German, the publication ‘Phyto-Inhalation’ has been edited under assistance of research&experience. The English issue might be out in 2005.

Phyto-inhalation is meanwhile well known as the direct administering form of medical herb’s active ingredients. By inhaling, those ingredients are absorbed essentially more effective, without any losses, and faster as when taken orally as tablets, extracts or tinctures, and teas. Still tinctures and oily solutions of plants active principles are to be vaporized without any problems with the AroMed see accessories: glass form pellets

Best effects without side effects!

Our medical doctors claim that because phyto-inhalation delivers active substances directly into the arterial blood stream via bronchial system, it is better to dose as well as better to control in its effects than even intravenous injection. The inner organs that are in part strongly burdened by intra venous injections are less stressed.

We would like to name the AroMed vaporizer a “phyto-inhalator”. Yet the German Medical Agency is very strict with the use of the medical term of ‘inhalation’. We are working to gain those standards. Since 1999 we co-operate with the Department of Natural Medicine at Santiago de Cuba University. First field research has been concluded with great success and very positive, encouraging results for the participating patients with bronchial diseases. The second field research is in progress and will give us more evidence.

A glimpse on the advantages

  • most effective: a hot air stream extracts more than 90% of active substances from any medicinal herb or tincture
  • fast relief after only a few minutes
  • the glass herb holder allows to watch extraction while inhaling
  • no harmful substances at all: exact heat control prevents tars and carcinogenic substances, the integrated water filter cleans the inhaled vapours from dust particles
  • unadulterated aroma: pure plant material as well as essential oils or tinctures are inhaled
  • maximum temperature of 235°C (458°F) is available in about two minutes


... fast readiness for action, easy to use.

Just two minutes after switching it on the AroMed vaporizer is ready to use:

  • Fill water and herbs (top left)
  • Connect heat source (top right)
  • Choose temperature (bottom left)
  • inhale and be well (bottom right)

Application 1 Application 2

Application 3 Application 4

Fields of administering

... Therapeutic usage and intensified wellness.

The AroMed vaporizer can be employed in many ways:

  • inhale medicinal plants
  • use stimulating, sleep inducing, and mood lifting herbs to improve climate of the room with the additional AromaTop
  • use as recreation device for well-being


The AroMed vaporizer is manufactured and sold since seven years. First models are in constant use since more than eight years. By now many have found vaporizing is excellent and above all healthy to enjoy cannabis products. This is not really of priority to the producer, research&experience. We supply a device to inhale active agents of many different herbs. The AroMed vaporizer does not only contribute to well-being but also to alleviate symptoms of many diseases. Even though one should not forget cannabis products are able to help millions worldwide which cannot be treated sufficiently with orthodox medicine's remedies. For this group of patients legalization of cannabinoids is of much importance!

How long does it take until I can use the AroMed when switched on?

With its unique heating system, the AroMed takes two minutes to heat up. Other hot air vaporizers need from eight to eighteen minutes to reach vaporizing temperature.

What kind of substances can be used and vaporized in the AroMed?

The AroMed vaporizer extracts aromatic and/or therapeutic ingredients of herbal materials. Even chemicals, to some extent, become inhalable.

research&experience work together with experts since more than seven years to field test plants of use. The manual to the AroMed vaporizer describes more than forty different phyto-pharmaceutical herbs which can be used.

In Germany, research&experience has edited the first ever standard publication about vaporizing herbs (“Phyto-Inhalation”, ISBN 3-922708-36-6)

How about the use of liquids with the AroMed?

We have developed a special glass foam pellet that can take 1 ml of fluids. Liquids of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as other potions, including Marinol™ and Dronabinol can be inhaled using FoamPellets.

How exact is the temperature setting of the AroMed?

Vaporizing temperatures in the AroMed can be selected in 1°C/2°F steps from 60°C/152°F to 235°C/455°F. Inhalation of about any active agent, from essential oils to components boiling at high temperatures is possible.

Like in all other vaporizers, the hot air temperature is measured where originated, but only the AroMed has a built in processor, that calculates exact temperatures inside the herbal materials.

A comparison: Another vaporizer is temperature controlled by an electric iron thermostat with a measuring tolerance of +/- 15°C/59°F. Fluctuation ranges of 30°C/86°F are most likely. It has a knob to choose temperatures between 1 and 9.

Why does only the AroMed produce its hot air flow with an electric halogen bulb?

The editor of our book “Phyto-Inhalation” uses to say: “The eye likes to inhale as well..” The light just looks nice. But really:

We have good reasons to heat our system with a halogen bulb: it is ultraviolet-free and provides heat without setting free any dangerous gases. Other devices are built of materials which gas out medically unwanted substances, e.g. the brass holder of a glass bowl vaporizer.
In case of another vaporizer, the heating element is constructed of aluminium. Well known is the “aluminosis syndrome”, a lung disease common with aluminium smelting personal. Another vaporizer has a strange plastic smell while heating up.

Different from other vaporizers, the AroMed has a water filter. How about condensation of active ingredients in the water?

Some active ingredients condensate in every vaporizer’s system, meaning they are deposited on the vaporizer’s surfaces rather than in the user’s lungs.
We feel that water filtration is necessary, especially when very fine grinded material is used. Fine dusts are inhaled and lead to irritations of the user’s bronchial system. If firm and compact materials are used, the filter can be used without water. The same if oily or watery solutions are vaporized.
A comparison : When vaporized with the AroMed, the active ingredients are led through a narrow hose and through the water filter with high speed. Only during the inhalation process ingredients evaporate, because no fan is involved like in other vaporizers. Therefore up to nothing condensates in the hose, and only 2-3% in the water filter. The total surface of the AroMed’s system is an estimated 150 square centimetres.
Other vaporizers use Glass bowls or plastic balloons which are first filled with vapour. The vapour stays inside the system and is inhaled frequently, until the system is emptied by inhaling the vapour. With this method, the vapour has contact with the systems surface for a much longer period. On the surface of the glass bowl or the plastic balloon the vapour is cooled down to temperatures that make it condensate on the balloon’s surface. The total surface of those systems is up to an estimated 750 square centimetres.
Just calculate: other vaporizers have a condensation loss 3-4 times higher than the AroMed.

Why is there no fan included in the AroMed?

With the AroMed, in breathing pauses no ingredients are vaporized, as with all the fan models. The user can dose the inhaled substances to his liking. No fan induced hot air flow forces the user to inhale constantly. In pauses the AroMed does not have to be switched of or “standby”, no waist will occur as with fan driven models.

Is the AroMed classified as a medical device?

Not yet, until our field research has not ended. A scientific conclusion (double blind tests are to be repeated, but till now medications seem to be very successful when used against symptoms of bronchial diseases) will be published.
Still, in Europe some six medical insurance companies have, after thorough single evaluations, decided to refund the AroMed 100% when bought.