... sensoric scent experiences.

The principle

Since lecturer Georg Winter (universities of Zurich, Switzerland, and Nuremberg, Germany) planned an arts project, research&experience is also committed to aroma therapeutic room fumigation. The AroMat holds pure plant material and is able to fumigate even biggest event places. Please read: Room fumigation

CAUTION! aroma recollections can cause placebo effects!

Rent and lease

The AroMat equipment can be long-term leased or short-time rented for any event.


Excerpt of fumigation events:

  • gardening show of Baden-Wuertemberg, Singen, Germany 2000
    AroMat in Singen während der Landesgartenschau 2000
  • Liquid-Sound thermal spa, Bad Sulza, Germany
  • CannaBusines trade fair, Germany since 2000
  • Swiss CannaTrade fair, Bern since 2002
  • Evenings with Howard Marks (Mr. Nice) 2001 and 2002 in Great Britain
  • music events with ‚Lopazz‘, MoveD, Millhouse, Hodschas, Fruchtig, and Silly Walks Movement
    AroMat in der Bar 1 Heidelberg
  • Print Media Academy, Heidelberg Printing Machines, Germany
  • Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria 2003
  • 300 years Ludwigsburg Castle, Villa Franck, 2003