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The new AroMed 4.0

... at CannaBusiness 2004 in Cologne.

The new AroMed 4.0 with Howard Marks in Cologne.

CannaBusiness 2004 - Howard Marks and AroMed 4.0 vaporizer 1
The new AroMed 4.0 with Howard Marks in Cologne.


Evolution proceeds, research&experience faithfully hold on their pioneer course. Superficially the new AroMed vaporizer does not vary too much from its predecessor models successfully produced ever since 8 years. Of course as always, with the AroMed 4.0 active principles can be extracted from about any medical herb. They are extracted extremely carefully by hot-air-flow with temperatures exactly defined for any herb. The strict “form-follows-function” - design has not been changed, either.

Yet details have been decisively improved:

  • The sturdy Magic Glass TM water filter now is regular with the AroMed 4.0. The new herb holder, manufactured in an especially developed precision work has a 14 mm (0.57 inch) fitting cut, and can be also adapted to the user’s favourite bong.
  • The high quality PTFE TM heater grip now dovetails perfectly onto the herb holder.
  • Since then the AroMed 4.0 is delivered with a transportation case one will like to take along with to friends and on journeys.
  • The entirely reconstructed, as yet unique electronics have been upgraded to newest standards of technology. With a maximum consumption of 60 watts the hot-air-flow system of the AroMed 4.0 provides an even better output than the former models. More than sufficient extractions of any active principals from medical herbs, essential oil, or tinctures are possible. The new temperature control is far more precise with a thermo resistor that includes calculation of varying actual room temperatures. The peak air-flow temperature of 235°C (455°F) is available after only two minutes.
  • Now the AroMed 4.0 is of universal use: the new net transformer allows AC-inputs from 90-250 Volts (50-60 Hertz). A change between °Celsius and °Fahrenheit temperature display is done by simple button-press. Those improvements are, of course, a tribute to the growing community of AroMed vaporizer fans in the USA and Asia. No more especially altered AroMed’s have to be ordered and travellers no longer are in need of special converters. Another contribution is the revised edition of the operating manual in four languages (English, German, French and Spanish) with temperature suggestions for more than 30 different medical herbs.
  • It goes without saying that any advantage of the predecessor AroMeds have been kept in the new model. With the AroMed 4.0 vaporizer there is nearly no undesired losses of active principles as with fan vaporizers, or vaporizers with a hold-back-system like balloons or glass bowls where the ingredients instantly condensate on the surface. Only little amounts might condensate in the AroMeds water filter liquid, but after use this clean and good tasting “macerate“ (cold extract) can be drunk and thus come to use. No active principles are set free or condensate as long as the user does not inhale. The last chosen temperature will be saved on microchip when the AroMed 4.0 switched off, and is at once displayed when switched on again. The new AroMed 4.0 vaporizer did not necessarily need a striking posh design. Yet, who desires an optimum utility in use and a fine handling, is provided with the optimum vaporizer when choosing the AroMed.
  • research&experience does not only serve the hedonistic user, but aims on providing a medical high-end product. Field research at Santiago de Cuba University, Department of Natural Medicine, has been successfully concluded. Patients aged from six to sixty-five with bronchial asthma underwent a 6 month test inhaling a 1:1 mixture of sage and thyme with the AroMed 3.1 vaporizer. A control group did inhale with the chemical “Salbutamol” in common aerosol-spray-inhalers. The results stated that with the AroMed vaporizer soothing effects were better, more persistent and rapid, as well as the duration of action was much longer in comparison to the administering of “Salbutamol” aerosols, In addition, secondary effects typical for aerosol-inhalators, such as cardiac throbbing, were never recorded with patients of the AroMed-inhaling group.
  • “Phyto-Inhalation” - this is the term used by University doctors - with the AroMed 4.0 vaporizer is not only the healthier, chemical-free alternative, but also reduces medication costs. One dosage of “Salbutamol” aerosol is priced twelve to fifteen times higher than a dosage of medical herbs. Even compared with the usage in teas, the dosage of herbs in the AroMed is only one third. Other administering against pain syndromes, for alleviation of chemotherapy side effects, against waste syndromes, menstruations pains, and spasms of different kinds are undergoing tests already.


Field research

... with the AroMed vaporizer is undertaken in Germany and Cuba, first results are at hand

Dr. Juan Enrique

Since 1997 research&experience is in contact with Cuban medical scientists. Frequent donations of medicine and equipment are organized.

Cuban medical doctors’ level of knowledge is on a high standard, many of them have graduated at Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany. So for us there is easy communication with no language barrier. Yet resources are on a poor standard in Cuba, mainly because of political isolation reasons. This has gotten better in the new millennium, but still one is highly interested in easy to access alternative and natural medicine. By now there exists a flourishing health tourism bringing in foreign currency. Ophthalmology by laser, plastic surgery, dental services, and addiction therapies are well developed and attract an increasing number of patients mainly from Canada and South America.

By our Cuban friends research&experience was offered to conduct field research with the AroMed vaporizer. Phyto-therapy, medication with healing plants is widely used and therefore this was only a logical consequence.

Here is an excerpt of a test protocol in a series of studies with patients suffering from heavy, in part chronically, bronchial asthma. Other research is in progress or planned.

Phyto-inhalation treatment using sage and thyme at the Consultorio No. 51 on patients with severe asthmatic complaints.

Tutor: Doctora med. Alina Toledo Brea
Santiago de Cuba 2003

20 patients suffering from severe asthmatic complaints took part in this test from September till December 2003

The test row took place at Armanda Garcia Policlinic Hospital, Consultorio no. 51 in Stgo. de Cuba. [...]

The patients had been divided in two groups, one of them treated with phyto-inhalation, the other one with customary medication.

[...] the experimental group was treated by phyto-inhalation with the AroMed vaporizer. Those patients inhaled dried leaves of sage and thyme at a temperature of 125° to 130° C.

[...] the control group did inhale “Salbutamol” (2cc Salbutamol and 2cc serum physiologicum) with a spray inhalator.

The results obtained enabled the clinical personnel to transpose scientific information into practical use ... transposing the results did allow the development of new administering methods, which again will lead to better findings [...]

Our research disclosed that those asthmatic patients with phyto-inhalation treatment experienced an equal recovery as patients of the control group with conservative medication, but in contrary did not suffer from secondary effects as were observed in the control group [...]

Our aim is to carry on studies for administering forms with the AroMed vaporizer concerning other ailments, as well [...]

ACM e.V. and IACM

... we are member and active supporter of the Association Cannabis as a Medicine.

Association Cannabis as a Medicine

The Association Cannabis as a Medicine (ACM e.V.) is an organisation for affected patients and laymen headed by the International Association Cannabis as a Medicine (IACM), a scientific society operating worldwide. Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen, affected himself, is the founder and driving force behind both organizations.

A regularly published news letter is distributed for members and interested parties. Information about new progress, about latest levels of research, about the legal situation in different countries, and important hints for affected persons is circulated. This unique and competent information is spread via internet, too: www.cannabis-med.org in several languages.

research&experience always gratefully accesses their data.

Here are some specific symptoms that are recommended administering THC and cannabis products, according to the IACM. In brackets we give the recommended daily dosages. Please note that they are at the most far under the psychoactive level. For the affected patient cannabinoids are by no means hedonistic drugs.

  • Asthma (up to 150mg)
  • Side effects of chemo therapies against cancer (up to 60mg)
  • Reactive and endogenous depressions (no limit given)
  • Morbus Crohn (20 to 30mg)
  • Organically caused spasms (5 to 30mg)
  • Conditions of pain (5 to 20mg)
  • Glaucoma (40 to 100mg)
  • Withdrawal symptoms from opiates, benzodiazepine, and alcohol (no limit given)
  • Epilepsy (no limit given)
  • Lack of appetite and waste syndrome (5 to 20mg)
  • Distortions of movements, esp. Multiple Sclerosis and Tourette syndrome (no limit)


Certainly everyone interested is welcome to become member of either organization: membership subscription is tax-deductible!

Press Clips

Please notice: many authors describe vaporizing as an ‘inhalation technique’. Our non medical practioners and the Cuban University team call it ‘phyto-inhalation’. As in Germany there are more than strict rules, ‘inhalation’ or ‘inhalator’ are only to be used for medically approved equipment. research&experience fights for this approval since quite some time. Till the approbation is not given, we prefer to call the AroMed a vaporizer. Some authors in older articles use aromizer. This is the old name and research&experience is not allowed to use this brand. We just leave it as it is in these articles but replace in mind aromizer with AroMed.


... statements from persons of public interest. Rread some absorbing statements on the AroMed vaporizer.


"Beautiful German machine! Now it is a baseless discussion that inhaling marijuana is harmful because of its side products like tars and condensation remains. Now there is a reliable vaporizer for sale."
Dr. Leister Grinspoon, ex Harvard professor, author of "Marijuana Reconsidered" (1971, Cambridge / HARVARD University Press) at the 2nd "No War On Drugs" congress 1999 in Toronto, CAN


"This (AroMed) will help all those, who use THC for medical and health reasons, but for whom smoking does not agree with their bodily conditions. Another advantage: up to no ingredients are lost like when burning them".
Ronald Rippchen, German author


"Inhalative administring reveals similar new dimensions as did the invention of injection"
letter from a medical doctor


"Medicinal-therapeutical senseful and inestimable"
Dr.Dr.hc.mult. Albert Hofmann

"I had lost my voice and now got a serious cough attac.... inhaled a dose of sage with his precise vaporizer (AroMed). The cough attac was gone, and my voice was back"
Howard Marks (Mr. Nice)
Howard Marks (Mr. Nice), author, in "Reefer‘s Digest" (ISBN 3-930442-23-X (avaiable in German only!)


"When vaporizing with the aromizer (now AroMed), within some minutes you have an amazingly clear and invigorating feeling".
Joint Venture, German Singer/Songwriter-Duo


"I wish you lots of success in your enterprise and send best regards"
letter from A. Hofmann, chemist, to research&experience


... from the beginnings to the awarded AroMed vaporizer.